Friday, December 31, 2010

December 31, 2010

As the year comes to an end tonight and we start our new year of 2011, I have so many things to be thankful for from the past year and so many things to look forward to in the coming year.

Overall, I can say that 2010 has been a really wonderful year for Tim and I. With the addition of sweet baby Ella in September, our family has become complete! Motherhood is such an amazing thing and though it can be so trying and hard at times, the good times are the BEST and I want to try and have more of them next year.

I can't wait to continue to see Avery grow into her little personality that she has and I am really looking forward to her turning 4 because so far this has been the hardest year we've had with her. People talk about terrible "2's" but all the mommies I've talked to say it is not terrible "2's" but terrible "3's" and I fully, whole-heartedly agree with this. Don't get me wrong, she is so fun to be with, easily entertains herself, and loves an audience too! She has an infectious laugh and says the funniest things, you can't help but laugh or smile with her!

Ella will be 4 months old next Saturday and I am so looking forward to seeing her grow this year. She is such a sweet baby and I can't believe that Tim and I have been blessed with a 2nd amazing child. She is a great eater though I feel like our time for nursing is coming to an end because she wants more than what my body is giving her now. I'm coming to terms with it which is crazy for me because I didn't even think I would nurse her at all. But, she did so well in the beginning that it has been a wonderful experience for me unlike when I nursed Avery. I will cherish the time I had to give her what my body could provide her. We will see how it goes moving forward. She is definitely a snuggler too!! I will try and hold on to this trait as long as I can...there is nothing like snuggling with a baby! One of my most favorite times with her was when she was born and they gave Tim, Ella and I time alone for an hour before everyone met her at the hospital. Ella and I laid together skin-on-skin and it was such a sweet and wonderful moment for me. We did the same thing the other night after our super-fun holiday weekend and for 2 hours she slept and I got to watch her and feel her soft skin and see her sweet baby face and all the sleep faces they make. I'm sorry I'm being so sappy...but it was wonderful. I know that once she's a toddler I won't have these moments with a baby again so I'm enjoying them so much right now!

Next weekend, I will be watching Brian marry his beautiful (both inside and out) fiance Mollye and have a new sister in my life! I am so excited about them getting married!! When you are with Mollye and Brian you just know how much they Love each other and how much they are meant to be together. I can't wait to be a witness to them tying the knot and having her join our family!

Also, some time next year or the next I will be gaining another sister when Kristen and Kevin get married!! They just got engaged on her birthday, December 13 and we are so excited for them! It is also obvious from just being around them that they are meant to be in one another's life's together forever too!

You know what is funny to me...when you are a little kid you Love being around your parents and family. Then as a teenager, you are all consumed with your friends and your parents are so not Cool! Then as you move from your teen years into a young adult, it starts to balance out b/t the 2 (friends and parents). Now, we do so much with our family and Tim and I just Love being with them. I feel so lucky to have my parents and in-laws get along so well. I also feel so blessed that all the "kids" get along so well and we spend a lot of time with our brothers and sisters. We always have so much fun together!

My resolutions will be coming soon...Happy New Years!

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Party of Five said...

Happy New Year Jules! Enjoy your blessings :)