Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ella is 3 Months Old Today!!

Today Ella turns 3-Months old and you will probably see me post this at every age post for her, but "I can't believe she is already 3-Months old!!".

Tim and I were talking about this last night and it's unbelievable to us how fast time is flying with her. I remember with Avery just trying my hardest to get past the 1st few months because it had to get better than what it was and Avery was a really good baby - I chalk it up to new parent syndrome!! This time with Ella has been so much more enjoyable and we are actually able to enjoy her at such a young age. She is so sweet, such a good eater and sleeper and has such an easy-going disposition. I can't wait to see her continue to grow.

Things about Ella right now:

She is sleeping through the night and wakes up anywhere from 6:45 to 8:00. If it's before 7:15/:30 she joins us in bed for some snuggle time and extra zzz's. This is one of my favorite times of the day :)

She is starting to "talk" when she can and she loves to look you right in the eye and say something.

It is not hard to get her to smile and we are on the verge of giggling.

She LOVES looking at everyone and anything and especially giving smiles to Avery.

She enjoys reading books with us before bedtime.

She's a GREAT shopper (sorry Tim)!! She either is up looking around or snoozing in her car seat when we are out.

She still is not a big fan of tummytime but we keep trying. I'm not really interested in her rolling yet though so we'll see.

Her eye color varies from day to day but I think she will have brown eyes. And her eyebrows and eyelashes are darkening up but she's got some red in her hair just like me. We can't wait to see what and who she will look like.

Here she is "talking" to me today:

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