Saturday, December 18, 2010

Avery's Holiday School Program

Avery's last day of school before Holiday Break they had a little Holiday Program at the end of the day. This was our 1st one of many but we were so excited to go see her perform! She has been singing her songs around the house for the past few weeks and it is so cute!

Here she is in her Reindeer shirt compliments of Nana and all ready to go to school

Nana, Darmi and Poppy came to watch her perform. She was super excited to see all of us!

I took my little camera with me and it's running on fumes since it's getting so old so the pics I took didn't turn out too great :( Tim got some great video of it, but I haven't had a chance to go through it yet. They were all so adorable up there!

Avery finally spotted us and could not stop waving at us all with the biggest smile on her face. I just LOVE her!

In her classroom afterwards they had cookies and juice for everyone.

The 4 of us...Ella's snoozin' of course!

Avery and her boyfriends, Brody and Grayson. Her other boyfriend, David, didn't make it in the pic in time. But, above all, Brody is her Prince!! Such cuties :)

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