Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Pics from the Past Few Weeks

I had Tim take this pic of me and Ella so I have some of us together since I'm normally the one behind the camera. She's out and ready to go to bed...Mommy too!

Papa and the Girls

Ella and I chatting it up - lift that head baby

It's cold, but that's okay because I'm cute

Sweet girls
Avery's favorite toy - my Ipod. Is it too early to get her one of her own?

She's teaching Ella how to work it too!

Sitting big in her Bumbo chair

I bought these headbands for Avery and of course she wanted to wear them all at the same time. Stylin'

Wow, more of me and Ella. Maybe there are more of us than I thought!

That flash is bright!

My Mom's friends got this adorable chair for the girls. Avery is loving it and she wanted Ella to try it out too!

Both of them in it...Ella looks so tiny and Avery looks so giant:)

Check out Ella just chillin' in the background

Sleeping so soundly in her swaddle. Whoever invented the Miracle Blanket is a Genius!! So much better than the regular swaddles. I will be sad to see it go once she outgrows it. It's amazing how she can be so fussy and then I put her in this with a pacifier and you can see the instant relief and calmness overtake her face.

This shirt says it all folks!

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