Friday, January 7, 2011

4 Months...Tomorrow!!

My how the time flies!! Sweet Baby Ella will be 4 months tomorrow! We have such a wonderfully busy weekend ahead of us with Mollye and Brian getting married that I decided to post about my sweet angel today because starting tonight, our next couple days are jam-packed and we are so excited!!!!

I can't believe how well Ella just fits into our family. It's like when you have your 1st child, it's hard to remember what you did all the time without them, but now with Ella here, I have a hard time remembering what we did before she arrived and I LOVE that. I never thought I would have another easy-going baby, but I think she just might be even better than Avery...who would have thought that would be possible?? Not me! She is still a fantastic eater - and I mean, a lot of milk and really quick! She loves her sleep too...woohoo - she fits perfectly in this family :)

Some things about her right now:

She weighs 11 lbs, 14 oz and is 23 inches long

She is really sitting up well with assistance and sits for awhile in her bumbo

She hasn't really started to roll, but that's my fault because I'm not encouraging her because of this weekend

She still pretty much hates tummy-time but while in her play-gym she will grab onto some of the toys and kind of roll on her side. Totally unintentional if you ask me

She is DROOLING, DROOLING, DROOLING! I totally forgot about this phase! If she does not have her pacifier in, then she has a hand in her mouth. And, I swear once she can grab things, she is going to eat the TV remote! She will just stare at it and loves the colored buttons!

She will give out smiles to anyone...but would prefer to be doing it while Tim or I is holding her. Ugh, no me gusta separation anxiety!

She LOVES Avery and will pretty much stop anything she is doing when she hears her voice to find her. She can't stop smiling at her and it is so cute! At night, Tim brings Ella into Avery's room and they do this thing Avery calls "Gingerman" - no idea where she came up with this name. It is so funny! I will have to get it on video.

And, we've been having to put our NB clothes away because we are starting to fit into our 3 month clothing = just in time for the cold weather.

Ella, you have completed our lives with your presence and sweet, good natured personality. I can't wait to see you grow this is going to be soooo fun!

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