Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday Morning with Daddy

On Sunday, Tim let me sleep in and woke up with the girls...brownie points already for the Hubby :) This was the 1st day since Ella was born that I haven't had to get up and feed her or pump and it was so nice. I think I got about 9 hours of sleep and it was just wonderful!!

These girls are so lucky to have Tim as their Daddy! He is so patient with them and so much fun. The great thing about Dad's are that they are "Big Kids" themselves so it's always a little rougher, a little less rigid, and more of do whatever you want. I Love him for being such an amazing Daddy to our kids.

He got both of them in the highchair and took a round of photos...I can't believe they both fit in there together. Not for long!

avery says: ella, check out all your toys

ella to avery...i'm holding on because i think i'm going to fall out of this thing

avery to ella: don't worry baby, i won't let you fall

ella thinking: i really want that rattle - one day it will be mine, oh yes!

there are those smiles we love

don't you just love my commentary ;)

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