Thursday, January 13, 2011

What We've Been Up To, Part 1

The next couple posts will be about what we've been up to the past few weeks around the Holidays. It went by soooo fast this year, it was crazy and fun and wonderful. I have so much to catch up on...

chillin' on the couch together watching avery's favorite show right now...the Sing Off. did any of you watch this??? it's AWESOME!!! the people are so talented. it's amazing how they sing and do instrumentation (sp?) without any instruments. check it out next season if you get a chance.

tim lovin' some quiet ella cuddles. she is such a sweetheart

if you are feeling sick or just need a check-up, welcome yourself to dr. avery penrod's office. notice the computer to take down all your symptoms. on the couch is her baby, lucy, who's in for all sorts of ailments. good thing this girl has 2 dr. kits!! if you come visit, i promise she will be wearing her scrubs :)

mommy, avery and ella pics:

another day, hangin' with my sweeties

we went up to village burger bar with the girls and to check out the x-mas lights at watters creek. well, we 1st went to grimaldis because that's where avery wanted to go, but the wait was ridiculous so we conned her with the promise of sweet potato fries at vb bar - delish! then we had to go to her favorite ice cream store - paciugo. we are raising a diva her ya'll. so in trouble!

ella just hanging out in her stroller checking out the lights

we went to soozi's beauty shop for a quick cut ... she does a great job. and, it's free!! thanks soozi!

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