Friday, January 28, 2011

20 Weeks

Wow!! Time if flying by...and I thought it would slow down once the holidays were over. I was wrong. My baby is 20 weeks this week!! Ella is getting so big and has such a sweet, happy demeanor.

Ella facts this week:

She is a "private roller", and what I mean is that I will put her down on her tummy and go do something real quick and when I come back she is on her back. Then, I will sit there for 5 minutes or more with her on her tummy to get her to do it again and she won't! Every time people, every time! One time I'll catch her - I just have to. Besides rolling from her tummy to back, she is really almost there from her back to her tummy. Soon, she'll be rolling everywhere!

I can really get her to laugh now and it is such the best sound. She likes to be tickled and Avery and I love to blow raspberries on her belly.

Both girls were really sick last week and they were both really good patients. Even with the whole nose sucking thing Ella did really good. She's a sleeper like her sister so they mostly just slept the sickness off. Poor things, the worst sound is hearing your kids cough in their sleep :(

Ella cannot keep her hands out of her mouth...really anything for that matter. And, I think she is ready for food, food, food. She has been sucking her bottles down and staring us down when we eat. I'm ready for her to just grab it out of our hands and eat it herself.

Full on bottle baby is taking me forever to wean myself so I have a huge stash of breastmilk in the freezer that she will be having for at least another month. Down to my last pumping to drop and then I can get this body back into shape. It's been great, but I am ready! Almost 5 months for someone who wasn't planning on nursing at all...I'm pleased :)

I was able to take some pics of her sleeping yesterday. Babies are so pretty and peaceful during sleep. I think we all are but by the time I'm asleep, no one wants to take a pic of me :)

love her little hands clasped together

such a tiny thing in her crib. swaddle and paci - you're the best!

always "eating" something

sticker-time with avery

smiley sisters

avery is ready to go shopping and to eat. 2 purses, watch and least someone in the family is wearing a watch so we know what time it is!

happy girl talked mommy into 3 cupcakes after lunch. she said she'd share with me and they were delicious. i love sweets!

got the highchair out today to see if we fit...sitting on a book and propped up with a blanket and it works! she really liked it until she grabbed her rattle and couldn't get it in her mouth - then she was pissed off. 1 more month and we'll be gobbling up real food. you can do it baby girl!

Here's some video of Avery and Ella before bedtime doing the "Gingerbread" as Avery calls it. I don't know where she came up with the name but she loves it. Ella doesn't get it at all but it's cute and I LOVE Avery's laugh on the video.

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