Friday, January 21, 2011

4 1/2 Months Old

We've been busy these past 2 weeks...busy and sick :( Boo!! I hate when the kids get's so sad to hear them coughing at night in their sleep. Avery got it 1st and then Ella. Thankfully, both of them love their sleep and slept a lot through the virus. Even so, we've been having so much fun watching Ella grow and Avery and her interacting. You can tell that Ella is just itching to get moving. She is sitting really well now, almost all by herself and still not too interested in tummy time, but doing better.

She LOVES her bathtime and LOVES looking at herself in the mirror...any mirror actually.

mommy & ella - i love the surprise face :)

ready to go out in the snow and play. tim was sick so we had to wait for him to get home so i could go outside with avery. have to be honest that i'm not the biggest fan of playing out in the snow. it's beautiful and all, but cold and wet and those are 2 things i prefer not to be. but, the things you do for your can you not take her outside to play in the snow?

taking pics of each other

ella is really liking to stand so i thought i would get her exersaucer out...give her a couple more weeks and i think she'll totally love it! avery's already showing her the ropes.

okay...she kind of likes it already, but it's just another "thing" to take up space and unless she's loving it, it's back in the closet ;)

avery had to get in too - of course! poor thing couldn't get out though.

tim and his baby

tim took some pics of ella hanging out in her chair the other day. where's her sock?? such a dad pic!

yeah!! our hat is finally fitting. just in time for the super-cold weather. i'm totally biased but she is so stinking cute. i seriously could eat her up!

watching avery bounce on the bed...they don't look too sick to you, do they? we were getting some serious cabin fever!

if you have the wii and like to dance, go right now to amazon and order just dance 2!! it is AWESOME! avery loves it, i love it, tim loves it. it's our new after-dinner activity. and, let me just tell will work up a sweat to these songs. it is so fun!! thanks molly and nana for suggesting it.

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