Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Avery Chatter

Tonight as Avery and I were leaving Target, we unloaded the cart and then I pushed the cart with her still in it to the cart "parking".

I put it in the carousel and said, "Bye girlie, I'll see you later" kiddingly of course.

She replied, "No, Mommy! You can't leave me, I'm your baby's sister!"

Then she told me when we got in the car..."Don't ever leave me again Mommy, you would Miss Me!"

And, I told her of course I would never leave her and we would miss her very much.

And, then she said, yes because I am your Big Girl!

She's hilarious :)

Here she is so proud of finding all the letters in her name and spelling it correctly...oh to be a kid again!

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