Thursday, January 13, 2011

What We've Been Up To, Part 2

Avery has been helping me give Ella her bath. She loves pouring the water on her...she is such a great helper with her. I love experiencing Ella with Avery. It's always more fun through a child's eyes.

The Lairsen's came over to eat, play and meet Ella before New Years. The kids had so much fun together...I can still hear their laughter. The adults had fun too!! It's so nice that the kids can play together on their own now and we can enjoy ourselves as well.

Dress-up time

2 sick kids...thankfully Dr. Kale has nightly hours

Brandon meeting Ella for the 1st time...I think she likes him :)

The many faces of Ms. Ella...this week:
i love the big eyes when you catch them off guard

avery around the same age:

sitting pretty good with some support from the pillow

aves and ella

avery jordan

we went on a walk the other day before all the cold weather hit and it was so nice. i'm ready for winter to be over already!!

avery and her baby and stroller and me with ella in her front pack and the stroller...just in case. i told avery she would have to be responsible for her baby and stroller the whole time because i wouldn't be able to carry it if she got tired...she said she would be fine with it so we crossed our fingers and left.

playing on the rocks by the pond before the sun set

one day i will get ella to look at the camera with me ;)

so...she got tired but instead of asking me to carry her stroller and baby, she did it herself. she cracks me up!

drool, drool, drool

brrr, getting cold on our way home. good thing we remembered our jackets!

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