Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halloween Weekend, Night Out with The Girls

Little behind on the whole blog thing, but I figured I have until Thanksgiving to post the Halloween pics, right?? I finally got around to them and have 3 different posts for Halloween...we were busy :)

Friday night of the Halloween weekend, Tim and I ventured out with the girls to Grimaldi's for dinner up at Watters Creek. It was one of our 1st times to go out for dinner as a family with Baby Ella and it is one of Avery's favorite places for pizza - upscale already! We are in trouble :) Plus, it was the last weekend for music out on the lawn. Until next year!

It was pretty cold, so I dressed Ella up in her cute fleece onesie Mollye got her. She was so cute!! Thanks Mollye :)

Okay, I bought this hat on Etsy and it has 7 interchangeable flowers but it is slightly big for this little one's head. I'm hoping she grows into it before the winter is over this year and I just can't tell if I really like it. Kind of not my style, but we'll see as she gets bigger.

I'm doing A-Okay!

Smiles :)

Watching the men make the pizza...the perfect seat for us. I think I will request it everytime. It totally occupied Avery through dinner. I don't really worry about her anymore though, she loves to go out to eat.

Sleeping beauty for most of the dinner. When she woke up she just sat in there looking around and just chillin'.

Goofy Daddy and Avery

Tim and his girls - I LOVE these 3 more than I could have every known I could Love!

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