Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ella is 2-Months Old

I cannot believe that Ella is now 2 months old. It is going by SOOOOOO fast I'm having a hard time keeping up! I was at the Dr. with her yesterday and a Mom was there with her 5 day old and he looked so tiny, but he was exactly the same size as Ella was when she was born and now when I look at her next to him, she was huge! I'm trying hard to take advantage of the moments I have with her alone to remember these things, but thankfully I have this blog that will tell her story as well.

We have grown so much in the past couple weeks:

Ella is smiling, smiling, smiling!!! She will track you with her eyes and then give you a gummy grin...it is Awesome!!

She has amazing head control. We don't really have to hold it up for her anymore. She does it like Avery says, "All By Herself!"

She LOVES Avery! Every time she hears her or sees her she can't stop smiling and cooing at her.

She has been playing a game with Tim and I where if we stick out our tongue at her, she will stick hers back out at us. It makes me laugh so hard and I find myself sitting there with her until she gets tired of doing it.

She makes faces like her Daddy with arching her eyebrows. Kitty swears she is a mini-Tim!

I can't stop loving on this child, hugs and kisses galore.

She is much more of a snuggler than Avery and I am loving it! Last night she was getting fussy before bed so I layed down next to her and we were touching heads and she fell asleep right there. Sorry Aves, but you would have never done this.
Tim likes to call Ella either "Big El" or "Little E"

Ella is such a sweetheart and so patient!

Here's some video I took of her:

More blogs to come...I'm so behind, I haven't even done Halloween yet! I'll catch up. This season is just flying by!

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