Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Avery Convos

When I pick Avery up from school she always has to go show Kathy, the school director, what she has made that day. Today they used snowflake stamps (how fitting since it snowed this morning) and painted a blue piece of paper.

Ms. Kathy: I love your picture did you see the snow falling this morning??
Avery: I did and I saw fireworks too!!
Ms. Kathry: Fireworks too??
Avery: I did...I saw fireworks at the beach with Sissy.

Where does she come up with this stuff??? That was only 5 months ago!!

Then we got home and before nap she was having a snack and I asked her if she heard the sirens at lunch. Every 1st Wednesday of the month the city does a test on its siren system and I figured she had to have heard it. This is how it went:

Me: Did you hear the sirens today at lunch??
Avery: We did and the firemen came in their truck
Me: You saw the firemen too
Avery: Uh-huh and they had on their jackets so they could go swimming
Me: They were going swimming in their jackets??
Avery: Yes, and I like to go swimming in my bathing suit and swim diaper in my pool. I don't like to wear a jacket when I swim.

First of all-no firemen came today and I think it's great that she thinks they are wearing "lifejackets" when she does see them at school!!

I love talking with this girl!!

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