Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah was so exciting this year because Avery actually was excited about the holiday. She really enjoyed lighting the candles and then once she found out she was getting a present every night - well, watch out!! What a fun time we had! My parents got us a couple Hanukkah's books that we could use to explain the story of Hanukkah to Avery, but I'll tell you they were great for Tim and I too!! I love the simple lessons you can learn from your children's things. If you could learn more things this way I think we would all be a lot smarter (or at least me - I can't talk for you!).

1st Night of Hanukkah:

This night we only had 2 candles to light - the middle one is lit every night and then you use it to light all the other ones. Avery called it the "leader" which I did not teach her so I'm assuming she learned it from Darmi and Poppy.

What do you think about our X-Mas tree in the background?? You'll see it frequently throughout these photos - oh well, what do you do :) We had some decorations for Hanukkah but there really isn't anything out there to decorate with. It's pretty hard to find. We'll keep looking next year.

Tim and Avery reading the story of Hanukkah

No touching!

Her 1st night present - Snow White

2nd Night of Hanukkah
We did Hanukkah quick this night because Avery was going to Darmi and Poppy's for the night. Lucky girl got to celebrate Hanukkah twice tonight. Tonight she got stamps and stickers.

Oops, we missed Night 3 of Hanukkah because Mommy & Daddy had plans and were away for the evening.

4th Night of Hanukkah
Shea & Alicia came over to celebrate our 4th night of Hanukkah. The Daddy's couldn't make it so we had a girls night! The girls were so good waiting patiently for dinner to be over before we lit the candles.

Avery got a new Care Bear coloring book and some Princess stamps! So much for the coloring book, the girls went straight for the Princess stamps!

Shea loved her pink pom-poms she got!

Our little cheerleaders - we'll have to learn some new cheers.

Can anyone find Alicia??

And, of course, one of the favorite things Avery likes to do when her friends come over: RACE! Back and forth from the front door to the back door!

5th Night of Hanukkah
Our sweet girl!

Tim's sweet Girls!

6th Night of Hannukah

Such a goofy smile!

Another princess - Cinderella, Mommy's favorite!

7th Night of Hannukah
Alicia invited our family over to celebrate Hanukkah with them tonight. She even went all out and made homemade potato latkes. I don't think I've ever had them before and if so, sorry Mom that I've forgotten :) They were delish! Tim and I couldn't stop eating them. We tried to get Avery to try one but you know how she is with food :( We kept telling her she was missing out but oh well, more for us!

The girls eating their pizza on their super-cute Hanukkah plates

Here they are pretending to sleep in Shea's room. They did this almost the whole time we ate so we actually had a nice adult meal with one another. Thanks girls!!

The girls finally got us to light the candles for them!

Here they are ripping open their presents:
Four perfect sized toddler puzzles all in it's own case with sample pages of what the puzzles should look like

Color Wonder glitter pages

Musical, glow-in-the-dark dreidels - so neat!

8th Night of Hanukkah - The Last Night
Mom and Dad had all of us over to celebrate the last night of Hanukkah. We had a wonderful time being with our family for this last night of the Holiday!

This year we picked 2 Angels off the Salvation Army tree at the mall. We picked out clothing and toys for an 8-year old girl and a 13-year old boy. It was so hard to decide on which child to get, they even had older adults on the tree too. It's hard to believe, especially for how cold it has been that these children do not even have a coat to wear outside. This was such a wonderful thing to participate in and I look forward to doing this for more children every year!

After our dinner, which Avery was once again so patient, we went into the kitchen to light the candles and sing. Here we are saying the prayer before we light the candle and then singing the Hanukkah song. Poor Mollye, Brian's girlfriend, had to listen to our wretched voices after just meeting us. Poor Tim & Avery too!! Just look at their faces - they must be thinking, "Please make them stop!"

Avery asking "Is it over??"! Look how excited she is! I can't tell if its because she now gets to open her giant stack of presents or because the singing is over - probably Both!

For some reason, before every present she opened we had to do a drumroll and say "ta-da"! She got such great gifts: Mickey Mouse board game, Musical coloring sheets, 1,000's and I mean 1,000's of stickers, sparkly shoes, books, Play-Doh center, etc.

Some of the photos I took, I just like to see her goofy faces!

Super-cute shoes from Mollye and Uncle Brian!

Opening up her Play-Doh creativity center - she kept saying it was "Sooooo Big!"

Since we had gotten all our stuff for our Angels, we originally had decided that we would not do gifts for the adults, but at the last minute we caved and bought small things for everyone. Here's our helper doling out the gifts to everyone after she had finished opening up all her gifts of course :)

Mom and Dad got all of us a Snuggie, which I will say are incredibly warm!

He kind of looks like a prophet or holy person here

Helping Uncle Brian open his gifts - have to be in on all the action!

Ready to play, play, play!!

Happy Hanukkah 2009!!

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