Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cupcakes for Santa

Okay, so any of you who know me knows that I love to bake, but I feel like I've been baking for months this season. So, instead of doing homemade cookies and icing for Santa, Avery & I bought cupcake mix, pre-made icing and sprinkles to make cupcakes for Santa this year. I'm sure the "big guy" won't care how they were made just that they were out for him when he comes tonight :) I will tell you I was even tempted to buy some of those already iced sugar cookies that the store has - those are so delicious!! But, what fun would that be??

Tim had some things to do this morning so after the gym, I picked Avery up and we headed to my Mom's house. Avery had to hold everything the whole ride there and it was hard for her to part with the sprinkles once we got there!

Combining, mixing and beating all the ingredients together

Adding in the sprinkles - a LOT of sprinkles! This girl doesn't skimp on her sprinkles! We almost didn't have enough to decorate the cupcakes but you can never have too many sprinkles, right?

Such concentration!

Poppy got home just in time to help decorate!
And, of course we had to try them - just to make sure they were okay to set out of course!

Happy Girl!!

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