Monday, December 14, 2009

Ice Skating!!

I can't believe I'm actually posting a blog with the title "Ice Skating" in it!! I would never have thought to take the girls ice skating so young, but Alicia used to teach ice skating and they taught kids as young as the girls so after gymnastics off we went to the Galleria for some playtime and ice skating.

Watching a movie and eating popcorn on the way....what could be better!! We even got them both to wear their super comfy matching jogging suits - we're such dorks :) Notice Avery's baby who goes with her everywhere now. It's so nice to be rid of the shovels!!

Here they are at the play area in the mall. It was so cute and the girls had so much fun playing on the rocks and sliding down.

Hanging out on the zebra

Checking out the beautiful X-Mas tree, well at least I was! Avery and Shea were too wrapped up in looking at the panda from Panda Express that was hanging out in front of the restaurant. They both couldn't stop talking about it!

This poor guy was just trying to learn how to skate and the girls kept following him and waving at him as he passed our table

Alright...time to put on our skates and hit the ice. Trying to walk around in their skates...a little different then her shoes!

I decided to stay off the ice this time and let Alicia do all the work! I mean she does know what she's doing and it would be terrible if I fell on one of the girls!! So I happily took the photos and stayed with the girls as they took turns.
Avery just liked to hold on and glide along the ice with Alicia

We were able to get a few photos while the ice was being cleaned by the Zamboni.

The girls were being so patient while the Zamboni was out there. But, once it was gone they were ready to keep going around.

Look at these old school skates and they are so freaking tiny!

Shea was having a blast and is a natural just like her Mommy. I really wanted to see Alicia do some tricks-maybe next time :)

After taking the girls around Alicia decide to do some one-on-one training with them ;) We'll have pros here before you know it!!

Check it out - NO HANDS!!

Aaaah, how I am supposed to walk in these things again??

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