Thursday, December 3, 2009

Something for Ms. Amanda

Ms. Amanda is Avery & Shea's gymnastics teacher and she has been out for the past month because she hurt her back doing some complicated tumbling move (or that's what I like to think). The girls have really missed her (well at least Alicia and I have) and today she was at the gym working in the office.

The girls were excited to see her after class and sweet Shea had made something for Ms. Amanda because we thought she would be back to teach today. She asked Alicia for her drawing and went over to give it to Ms. Amanda. Well, Avery watched all this and looked at me and said, "Where's Mine?? I want one too for Ms. Amanda!!" So, I had just paid for the month and the receptionist had given me my receipt so seeing as I had no other papers on me - I gave it to Avery and she took it over to Ms. Amanda and gave it to her with a big hug!

Alicia and I just looked at each other and couldn't help but laugh. Ms. Amanda looked at the receipt and of course played along and thanked Avery so much. Then, once Avery turned around to play I retrieved my receipt and we were on our way. I mean we couldn't let her see me get it back, she would have been so crushed and/or confused?

Ah, what we do for our children :)

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Shea said...

I just keep replaying this over in my head and cannot stop laughing!!! Ahhhh- I just LOVE little Avery :)