Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

We had everyone over for Thanksgiving at our house again this year. The Jurney's couldn't make it because Don's parents were in town and Kristen went to Austin to spend it with her family, but everyone else came over. I so enjoy having everyone over to our house. It's always pretty easy planning since everyone brings something or more than 1 thing and we have the boys bring us our wine - so we're all set!

We started off the morning with a little Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. We thought Avery would enjoy seeing all the floats and bands and boy were we right. The only thing we didn't think to do was tape it so we could watch it again. Lesson learned for next year!

Her favorites - M&M's

Her other favorite who were not expecting to see on a float - Ziggy Marley singing "Family Time". Good thing we have rewind on the TV :)

It just wouldn't be right for us to not go to the park on Thanksgiving morning. We seem to do this every year and it's such a nice break from preparing the Thanksgiving meal.

A couple months ago she couldn't even get up on this by herself - now she's a PRO! It really does go by so fast!

On Friday, Tim had to work so we met up with Alicia and Shea, our friends from Austin, Megan & Wyatt, and one of their friends with her daughter. Wyatt will be 2 in a couple months and this was the first time for us to meet him in person. I feel like we know him so well though because we read up on the fantastic things he does through his blog. He is one super cute dude!!

The kids grew attached to this wagon who we had no idea whose it was. Apparently the owner didn't care that our kids took it over and played with it for a good part of our park visit.

Come on can pull them!!

The Mommy's and their kiddos

After nap, Avery and I played with her friends who we don't see too often anymore - Bear, Dora & Cowboy. She looks so big sitting next to them now.

Avery taking pictures with her camera

Friday night we met up with some of our great friends from out-of-town, Adam & Sofia & Todd and some of our great friends in town, the Lairsens, Cason and Nathan. We had dinner at the Urban Crust in downtown Plano which we have become a big fan of. Great food, great prices, great rooftop bar - what more can you ask for?? Check it out if you get a chance.

Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

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