Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Museum of Nature & Science

Today we took the girls out to the Museum of Nature & Science at Fair Park. They have the best Children's Museum there and the girls just loved it - Mommy's too!!

On the steps waiting to go in:

Twirling in the sun while we were getting our tickets. They kept singing "Sun, Sun, Sunny, Sun, Sun"

Driving the Fire Engine. Thankfully they had 2 wheels on this one!!

The thermal heat seeking screen - Avery & I

In the Barn area this was one of the highlights for the girls. They got to actually "milk" a cow and stayed at this station for awhile - who knew we had some farmers on our hands??

The Giant Xylophone

The Water Table

She can almost fully reach the pedals.

Collecting eggs from the hens

Shea climbing the rock wall

Avery had to go back to the fire engine and put on a fireman's hat and drive the truck again

They had a hot air balloon that you pushed this button and it would fill up with air and rise. It was so neat!

And of course - the BUBBLE room! We couldn't really get a good bubble going but the girls liked trying to blow them. Maybe next time they'll add a little more soap!!

And, here is my new bit of knowledge for the day:

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