Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning at Our House

What a Christmas morning this year...we woke up to a white Christmas!!! I can't remember this ever happening since I can remember things :) It was so pretty and quiet outside. The photos don't even do it justice!

Of course, we had to go outside and take a walk in it before we even made it to the tree and presents. I guess that we can still do that while she doesn't "get it"! Plus, it was so neat to experience the snow without any noise outside and no footprints - it was just beautiful!

Ooops...a little slippery :)

Once inside...Avery found her presents and the morning really began!

Avery's new baby with highchair and crib. We found out later that we probably could have just gotten her these toys and she would have been good. But, it's way more fun to open a bunch of presents :)


Our new family game - Candy Land

Look at this princess coloring's pretty long!

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