Monday, April 2, 2012


These 2 are really starting to enjoy one another and have been playing a lot more together.  I'm not going to sugar-coat it and say it's all roses and sweetness over here, but we're getting there :) 

Avery reading Ella a book:

playing with their princess castle

giving hugs

i've put it off as long as i could when i go to the store for both of them riding in the "car" cart. not to necessarily deprive them of having fun, but seriously, have you ever pushed one of these carts??  it's like pushing a semi-truck around and it's so embarassing when you run into something bcuz it's so long and bulky!! avery loves it and stays in it, but i was concerned that ella would want to keep getting in and out, in and out, in and out, but she actually stayed in with avery for the most part and they had a blast!  and, avery was SUPER EXCITED to have Ella in there with her!

helping ella down the stairs to go outside and play.  ahh, so sweet!

sometimes, you just don't want to be hugged ;)  and, she'll let you know!

riding ponies together.  the only time ella will do it is when avery is there with her.

i brought their chairs in from outside when we had our major storms so they wouldn't blow away and they thought that was just the coolest!  they sat in them all night and even sort of "relaxed" for a few know, the way kids just sit around and relax, ha! ha!

what do you think, abery?

and, taking baths together.  avery was so excited about those little creatures lined up in the back on the ledge.  they were her $1 buy at target, little capsules that turn into something when you put them in the water.  i wish i could still get excited about $1 gifts!

doesn't it look like she's saying "are you listening to me mom?"

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