Monday, April 23, 2012

Catching Up-Part 1

i'm forever catching total random order

yummy, mini chocolate cheesecakes with 3 different toppings for when Gigi and Aunt Amy were in town

one of avery's pieces of art displayed at her open house titled "Ella"

while watching a show in my room i told her if she wanted to separate the clothes that were in a pile on the bed she could.  well, she ended up folding everything that i had there!!  got to love my little helper!!

ahhh...toothbrushes, ella's favorites!

avery's straw drinking glasses she got with her loot at the dollar store.  she must have had 5 glasses within an hour and wouldn't stop drinking each drink until it was gone.  these are hilarious!!

checking out everything she got at the dollar store

clean and pretty!

princess party!

lots of fun party favors

who knows what boo-boo she had here but she just had to put a bandaid on :0

at the party, each girl had to walk the runway and give a pose at the end

so excited to be star of the week and bring her picture poster!!

blue nail polish to match her dress


playing her glockenspiel for music class.

all about me sheet to bring for star of the week

loving the stool at the counter.  she feels like a Big Girl!

avery took this pic of all her little figures.  i love to hear her imaginative play!

yep...this one's for you cort!  in the midst of a fit :)

flying kites on a beautiful day out with the hales

girls lunch with 3 of the most fabulous girls i know!

Dance Party!!!

all dressed up for wacky day in honor of dr. seuss

my sweet piggies

taking some quiet time to read her book

dress up day at school

the stuffed animals have taken over our bed...

she loves trying on avery's shoes!

i love these silly glasses...the yellow ones are mine from when i was a little thing

up on the ledge with daddy!

date night with the hubs

checking out the dressed up ducks in the next neighborhood.  don't touch and there she goes yanking on their little outfits!

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