Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In the Blink of An Eye...

our cars will look like this...with these 2 in the front seat - stay off the roads :), but i'll hold on to these 2 tots like this for as long as i can

i imagine their conversation as something like this...
ella: come on avery, show me how it works
avery: i think you should pull this thing back and the car should move
ella: well, do it then and let's get going
avery:  why won't it move???

i'll just honk the horn and mom will come

yeah, she's proud of herself!  now everytime she gets in the my car avery opens the front door for her and she gets in and pretends to drive before she gets in her car seat.  she loves it!! 

just like avery did when she was a little bit!

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