Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Day

Saturday, we celebrated Tim's favorite day of the year in Dallas...St. Patty's Day!  And, Luck of the Irish, our friend that works for Deep Eddy asked Tim to drive a dune buggy in the parade.  He was so excited!!   We were already going down to watch the parade and go to a block party on our friends street so it was a bonus to get to watch for him to drive by in the parade. 

Here are the girls sporting their Deep Eddy St. Patty's Day shades.  Notice the UV sticker on them they wouldn't let me take off right away :)

The parade was SOOOOOO crowded, but it turns out that if you have little kids who want to watch, you somehow get to cut up to the front.  Some of the singletons around us were saying how they should remember to ask their family's next year if they can borrow some kids :)  Plus, the girls were TOTAL bead magnets. Anytime someone on a float would see them dancing to the music they would come over and actually hand them the beads through the bars instead of launching them into the crowd.  I was pretty impressed with them seeing as they stood watching for a good hour while we waited for Tim's car to appear.  Avery was in heaven!! 

Our friend Nathan and his daughter who we came down to do their block party

Tim's dune buggy parade pics.  Check out the 2 hotties riding along on the back...I can't believe they didn't ask me ;)

Look at her Big excited to have seen her Daddy and gotten all these beads!

And, though it was fun we are finally leaving the madness :)

We had a lot of fun house hopping on their block.  How cute are these kids!

and these boys...

and these girls...

and these 2!!

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The Mrs. said...

I get a big ole smile on my face every time I see your girls! They are precious! What a proud momma you must be... and sunglasses = cuteness!