Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holiday Weekend

We were pretty busy over the weekend with all the fun activities we had planned.  Ella and I missed out on Saturday's activities because she was sick, but Avery and Tim had so much fun together!

Avery's Easter Bunny sack from school with the eggs from their hunt

this princess all dressed up!!

celebrating passover at mollye & brian's on friday night.  it was such a nice evening all together at their place!  had to take a pic of avery finally eating, I mean barely putting to her lips something green!

saturday morning fun at where she goes to preschool. tim did a great job taking lots of pics for me on saturday so i could see everything they did and live vicariously through them!! they had an easter egg hunt, pony rides, face painting...they were busy.  lots of eggs!

and lots and lots of kids.  her school is in a church and so that's who put it on.

look at this sweet face. so happy to have a basket full!

she really wanted to ride on the brown pony so daddy made sure she got it!  isn't that what daddy's are for :)

after the easter festival they went to earthfest across from our neighborhood.  they had kayaks that you could take out on the pond so tim and avery were all over this activity. 

they patiently waited for an hour to get on the pond!

in the kayak with smiles from aves

saturday night tim and i went to a fabulous outdoor dinner across the street.  tim is on the committee for it and has been working hard on it.  they had all the food, drinks donated by local producers and the food was Delicious!!  i couldn't stop eating the deviled eggs, fried chicken, all the apps, homemade donut holes for dessert, etc.  i wish someone would cook for me like that every night!

it was such a beautiful night and beautiful setting

just one of my plates for the night.  the devil egg station had about 11 toppings you could choose from to put on your eggs and the most fabulous beef bacon i've ever tasted!  and, speaking of beef...they had a raffle for all sorts of things but the big raffle was for a 1/4 of a cow, wagyu beef.  well, turns out that tim and i won that 1/4 cow and now we will have beef FOREVER :)    so, please come over for a bbq anytime!


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