Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kristen & Kevin's Wedding Weekend

Kristen & Kevin got married the last weekend in March down in the Hill Country and it was such a beautiful weekend!   We have so much to share:

On our way down we did a quick coffee and potty break at MickeyD's and Avery got a My Little Pony doll from Daddy. I think this might have made her trip!

The rehearsal was in the afternoon because the place was having a wedding that night.  It was such a gorgeous place to get married

All the girls watching the rehearsal

Since we had the afternoon to kill, we headed over to Nutty Brown for some mid-afternoon lunch/snacks.  The girls got to play around in the sand box and the adults got to catch up!

 The girls were having fun with the camera!

Ready for the rehearsal dinner


At the rehearsal dinner...Aves joined the Jurney fam!

Saturday we all went up to Driftwood Winery to spend some downtime before the festivities began.  Great views, weather, wine and company!

The kids were such sports!

This kid too!

These guys are such goofballs!

Serious goofballs!

And, Darmi, Poppy & Ella arrived!!  Woohoo, the girls were so excited to see them.  Going for a ride in the halls

The flower girls giving the groom a big hug! 

The boys posing with their uncle too

Already dancing

Molly and I...we made it :)

Loving their Wedding Barbies from Kristen

Papa and Ella

Love this guy


Nana and her girls

Papa with all the girls

Ready to go

Ella and I hung out during the ceremony to keep away and distractions :)

After pics...Tim & the boys

these 2 lovely little ones... this is my fav pic of the weekend of them

Our family photo attempt

The only pic I got of the bride and groom

It's time to Party!!  Doesn't this face just say it all!!

Then, my camera died so can't wait to see the pics from the reception.

Stopping for gas on the way home...she sure does look cheery and excited!

This one on the other hand looks like she could pass out :)  and, she did (for a little while at least!)

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