Wednesday, April 4, 2012

After Bath

After a long day with the kiddos, when bathtime rolls around I'm ready to plop them in the bath for one last play before they go off to bed. Seriously...where do kids get the energy??  I wish I could harbor it in pill form and sell it on the mass market!  I would be a Gizzilionare! 

The best though is when they get out of the bath, squeaky clean and smelling so sweet :)  Aaah, it's like Heaven!  When I wash Avery's hair it takes forever to dry so I throw them both up on the counter and let them play with all my lotions/soaps/etc and watch them giggle and laugh together. It's one of those special favorite times of the day for me.  I caught them in action the other night!

my favorite!!!

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