Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Mommy!

My b-day landed on a Friday this year so I totally took advantage of it and celebrated ALL weekend...starting Thursday :)

Out with my girls at Watters Creek on Thursday morning.  We hit up all our fav stores.  Avery was loving Vera Bradley...her fav store and they were having an "open" house so they had mini waters and cookies to take with you.  She thinks that every time she goes there she will get something for free bcuz most of the time they do give her something that they have lying around.  Lucky duck!

Enjoying their cookies out by the water

I love it when they hold hands and walk together.  It's so cute to me!

Friday night we had dinner at Darmi & Poppy's an then went up to the Hughston elementary carnival.  We went last year and Avery loved it.  Ella got to join in on the fun this year.  The closest we could get to a decent family pic!

Ready for some ice cream pie

Love her!

Aves in the pirate bounce house

Both girls got their faces painted . Surprisingly, Ella sat so still while the girl painted this heart on her face.  After, they let her look at herself in the mirror and she kept pointing to her face and saying "heart!"

Avery "fishing" for a prize

Her little Kitty

Ella helping out at the golf game

Avery knocked it down!

Ready to go with Darmi and Poppy on Saturday night

Ready to go out for a birthday date when the love of my life!

One of my b-day desserts

The other b-day dessert...heaven b/t cookies.  The donut hole things didn't even get touched. We ate all 3 of the cookie sandwiches, crumbs and all!!

We then went bowling at my favorite bowling alley where we both won a game each.  Ties are perfect unless I win both times :)  Mind you, I'm the T & Tim is the J

Good form babe!

Boo, I lost this game!

Sunday, we celebrated with the Penrods and Jurneys at Molly's.  So relaxing and such yummy food.  Both my delicious desserts made by none other than Ms. Kitty!! 

And, last, but not least.  The song Ella keeps walking around singing:

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