Monday, June 6, 2011

Being a Mom...

I religiously read my girlfriend Cortney's blog to keep up with her family - who we don't get to see all too often, to get inspiration from where she gets inspiration whether it be from other blogs or just her natural amazing personality and sense of style, and to have my world opened up just a little more.

Tonight I was reading her blog and she posted 2 links that 2 other women had written about being a Mother and what they cherish about being a Mother. While reading the 1st one, I started crying and could barely see through the tears while reading the 2nd one. These 2 women nailed it on what being a Mom is about and how fleeting childhood actually is!

I wish sometimes that the pace of our life was slower, that there was less whining and negotiating, less squirming and moving, more time to cuddle and lounge and laugh, that time could stand still and I could savor my 2 girls just the way they are before they are turned out into the "real world", but I know that cannot happen and I plan to try my hardest to focus on the amazing children they are and how happy they make me and how full they make my heart to the point of exploding with a Love I never knew I was capable of.

To all the amazing Mother's and Father's out there...these are for you, and you may want to have some tissues handy :)

"It's my favorite time of the day and it goes something like this.."


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Cort said...

thank you for your sweet words. i am so glad you love those posts about motherhood. they blew me away so i had to share them. they are a good reminder for us to stay in the moment (which is so hard to do, especially when you are in the middle of disciplining or are in desperate need of more sleep/coffee) xoxox