Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tiny Dancer

Avery had her 1st dance recital several weeks ago and I've just finished looking at the pics :)  I'll be honest, I was not impressed that it would be at the studio that they have class at and I didn't expect much, not because the instructor was bad because she was great, but just becuz Avery fought me every Tuesday to go and I didn't know how it would all play out. 

That being said, by and far, it was an amazing recital!  There were 3 classes of 3-year olds and instead of each of them having a number or two, all 3 classes danced the whole time.  They did both tap and ballet for about 45 minutes.  Basically, it was their dance class but all dressed up in front of their families.  It was so stinkin' cute and Avery had the best and biggest turn out of all the girls!!!  Darmi, Poppy, Nana, Papa, Molly, Don, Connor, Riley, Caiden, Cissy, Us and Ella.  Good thing someone got there early to snag us some seats :)

Here are pics of her in no special order and all different finishes:
no idea...

showing tim her costume for the 1st time...sometimes black and white just says it better!

putting her flower in the flower pot before they start

check out ms. serious!  she hardly smiled the whole time!  i also like the face the little girl behind her is making :)


waiting with her hula hoop to jump around the room.  each girl made a circle by herself.  some even hopped on one foot the whole way.

ella didn't really make a sound the whole time. she really liked watching all the girls. 

our crew

here she goes.

check out her face...she's trying so hard not to smile

ballet circle

clapping for themselves at the end

basking in her glory with all the family and all her flowers...our house smelled so good :)

she looks so big and beautiful

mommy and ella proud of her!  she danced the whole time and knew most of it which was surprising to me since she never practiced any of it at home.

showing me her necklace they gave her at the end

cissy and avery...we were so excited to go to cissy's recital that next week

caiden and handsome!

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The Mrs.! said...

What a little lady!!! I bet you're a proud momma!