Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Anniversaries!!!

So...just one more thing out of the many, many things that I LOVE so much about these 4 people is that both couples share the same Anniversary!  What are the odds that both of our parents would have gotten married on the very same day just one year apart??  I tried so hard when Tim and I got married to get married on the same day but it ended up being on a Thursday the year we got married so I did the next month on the 27th instead :)

I am so inspired by both of your marriages and how much you still Love each other and are such strong couples.  You just know by being around you both that you are happy together and so devoted to one another. 

And, this year, my parents are celebrating their 40th Anniversary and Kitty & Rich are celebrating their 41st!! 

Truly Amazing!! 

We Love you All so Much!!  To our 2 favorite couples!!  Congratulations!

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