Friday, June 17, 2011

My New Favorite Room

They say the 3rd time is the charm...well it certainly was in this instance and even if it wasn't there would be no changing it.  We finally got all of our furniture for our dining room that has now been turned into a wine/sitting room.  There have been many "bumps and bruises" in finishing this room, but it's complete and I am in LOVE!  

1st bump:  we went to this great furniture store, IO Metro, and found all the big pieces we were looking for and then they dropped the ball on their follow-up customer service as well as getting our couch to us - I Love what they have in their store, but I will drive down to ZGallerie any day then have to deal with them ever again!!  clearly you know where i stand with this store, you've been warned :)

2nd bump:  the paint!!!  aaargh, the paint!!!  so as i was talking about 3rd time being the charm, this room was FULLY painted 3 times before we could settle on the color.  we were going for a deep grey, but the 1st time we ended up with a more green than grey color, the 2nd time we ended up with a bluish-purple grey color which made me almost cry if tim had liked it, and then we finally settled on this beautiful green/brown/greyish color.  thankfully home depot has tester's you can buy and try on the wall...many tester's came into our home and they have the paint and primer all in one.  this stuff is AWESOME!!! saved us so many steps...not so many dollars, but at least we were doing it ourselves and we're still married :)

3rd bump, literally, was the light that we kept bumping our heads on.  heavy wrought iron chandelier -OUCH!!!  even with our new light up, tim and i are ducking as we walk under it ;)  eventually we'll stop!

it's not completely done because i need some "accesories",  but it is by far my most favorite room in the house.  we've been reading in there, having drinks and chatting, it's just far enough away from the living room and play room.  don't hesitate to come over and enjoy it with us!

Taped for the 1st time before the mayhem began...we had to tape the whole room twice :(

Ta-Da!!! The final product!

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Cort said...

it looks so great, jules! i'll come sit and drink wine with you soon!