Monday, June 7, 2010

Super Fun Weekend!!

Our original plan for this weekend was to take Avery to Fort Worth and go to the Zoo, spend the night in a hotel and then go to the Botanical Gardens. We totally nixed that idea when we found out it was going to be a 1,000 degrees outside all weekend. Instead, we decided to make it a full-on pool weekend!

Saturday morning after Avery woke us up at 9:15, yes, she's already on summer vacation time, we headed over to my parents pool and Kristen and Kevin came over to swim with us. After jumping off the diving board with Kevin and Daddy and swimming around in her intertube, we had lunch and then hung out while Avery took a late nap, 3-5. After she woke up, Tim, Avery and I swam again until about 7ish because Avery decided that she wanted to go under the water just like Daddy. So, off came the floaty and back and forth she went between me and Tim LOVING every minute of it!! It took all we had to get her out of the pool for the day, but the promise of pizza finally did the trick! I'm so mad I didn't have my camera on me so I could have gotten some pics and video. Next time!! We took her up to Covino's for some super yummy food and she ate almost a whole small pizza to herself. Needless to say it ended up being a late night, but totally worth it!

Sunday morning I woke up first and went out to do some stuff in the kitchen, looked at the clock and it said 9:22 - love this girl right now!!! Because if anyone knows me and Tim, we love our sleep and I know that it is about to be severly compromised come September, but we are going to enjoy it now while we can! We packed our bags and went down to Dallas to meet the Hale's and the Bonner's for some more pool time at a pool hidden out in a neighborhood. I swear, you would never think that there was a pool out there, but it was totally packed and a great hidden gem! It was so fun to see everyone and the kids had a blast together. It seems like forever since we've all gotten together.

Here's a pic of the Daddy's!!

Kiddos in the baby pool

Trying our best to get all 3 of them to look at us and give us a smile

After the pool we decided to hold off on the nap for Avery since she slept so late so we headed down to Brian's to meet up with him and Mollye for some yummy yogurt. I guess they've changed names because we've been to the one in Fairview but we went to Yumilicious and it was seriously Yumilicious especially after a hot day in the sun!

We came home and all curled up in our bed for some down time before we headed up to Market Street for some dinner...this girl was not cooking!

Tim and I decided that this weekend was way better than what we had originally planned of going to Fort Worth. I love when that happens :)

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Cortney said...

what a fun day! i am so glad you got pictures. promise we'll do it again soon!