Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fun Night Out!

We got to enjoy a grown-up night out with some of our favorite people on Saturday night. I think it's been such a long time since Tim and I have been to Dallas so it was fun to get a little dressed up - I haven't worn jeans in forever and I had a new shirt on! The little things matter to me right now since I'm starting to feel giant :)

The girls side of the table - we are so cute!

The boys side of the table - so goofy...typical boys!

A walrus joined our crew for a short time

Check out my ride...I couldn't help but spring for the Louis Vuitton leather on this baby!

Kristen thought she could take on Brian in a little arm wrestling competition - good luck girlie, take him down!

Brian looks a little bored :)

Mollye got in on the action too

Then I jumped in too

And again with Kristen

Watch out people...we are a tough family ;)

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