Friday, June 4, 2010

Paint n' Party 2

We took the girls to Paint n' Party again because it's getting a little hot and we hadn't been in awhile. The girls both picked to do a butterfly and it is so fun to watch Avery and Shea paint because of their totally different styles. Avery likes to use EVERY color but only a little of each and go through each color before starting over again while Shea likes to pick a few and cover her whole project.

Notice how Shea is almost done while Avery has only gotten through 6 of the 24 colors!

A little more progress...

Lucky Shea got to do another one so she picked a beautiful sunflower.

Avery's finished butterfly

Shea's finished butterfly

After they finish, they get to pick glitter that is sprinkled on and then spun around with some sort of glue. The machine is a little loud so Avery had to cover her ears. These girls always make me smile :)

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