Thursday, June 3, 2010


Found some pics from the past couple months that really have no specific category on their own so I thought I'd group them in one post. No special order to the madness...

The Friday before Mother's Day, Tim went to pick up Avery from school and wouldn't you know it, the kids had made the Moms all sorts of stuff for Mother's Day. One of the things she made for me was this painted pot with plant. Thanks to Tim's green thumb, the flowers are still blooming on my window ledge in the kitchen. If he hadn't taken over, the flowers would be gone because they were already dying when he revived them :)

Swishing around in her hula skirt that Kristen and Kevin brought back from Hawaii. I tried to get her to wear the bikini top but she wouldn't put it on.

Sweet Cinderella princess

Ready to go out on the town with her purse, baby and stroller.

Everything she "had" to bring in the car on the way to school one day

Enjoying some family time up at Watters Creek listening to the live music.

My goofballs :)

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