Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hawaiian Falls

Last Friday we met up with the Jurney's and another family at Hawaiian Falls. It was the 1st time Avery and I had been and we had a blast. We got there a little after 10:30 and left at 4:00...the kids went strong the whole time we were there. I was amazed how they were like little Energizer bunnies - they just kept going and going and going.

When we got there and went to buy our tickets I was telling the ticket guy that there was 1 adult and that Avery was 2 (because kids 2 and under get in free - I can still pull it off for a little while, I mean she just turned 3 last month!). As I was telling him this Avery says to me, but Mommy, I'm (knowing she was about to tell me she was 3 instead of 2) I politely told her to hold on because I was talking to someone. Sweet girl that she is didn't give us away this time but she can be one smart cookie sometimes!

For about 2 seconds she was hesitant to go play, but once her and Cissy got going there was no stopping them. Caiden, Riley and Connor joined in the fun every now and then and Connor was so great taking the girls up on the bigger slides. Avery came up to me and said she wanted to go on the big blue slide that was enclosed...brave girl that she is went right on up there with Cissy and Connor and loved it!! Connor was such a sweetheart with them! We also spent some quality time in the lazy river...took me back to the Wet 'N' Wild days as well as the wave pool. The kids were showing off their skills in going under the water. If I wasn't preggo I would have totally taken advantage of the big rides...they looked so fun. Next time!!

Here they are on one of the slides together:

Coming down the other slides

Running to the next adventure

Check out everything they had to offer the little ones:

Enjoying some shaved ice with Cissy - thanks Aunt Molly!

How cute are those tushies :)

Smile Girls!

Trying to get them to dance...they had great pop music playing. I loved it!

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