Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween 2009!! We had such a great time this year celebrating Halloween with Avery! She just loved it and had a blast trick-or-treating and watching all the kids come up in their Halloween costumes. We were finally able to get her to wear the Dorothy costume Nana made for her last year, but the shoes were a different story! After a pair from Target, Old Navy and then dying her ballet slippers (which ended up being too small once dry) she was fine with wearing her super-cute Old Navy shoes which went perfectly with her costume. Here's some pics from our Halloween night!

We decorated her playroom with our pumpkin lights:

One of her new flashlights for trick-or-treating:

Daddy even dressed up for the occasion!

Darmi & Poppi stopped by before we left for the Poches to see our adorable Dorothy and bring her a pumpkin full of M&M's of course!

My little Hoarder!!!

Ready to go!

Such cuties!! We tried to get them to hug but Avery just wanted the Princess computer Kinley a.k.a. Minnie had.

Brandon and his 2 babies!

Loving the swing - with Mario & a cute Ladybug

Let's Go!

Pinkalicious Kennedy!

I'm Mario!

Follow the yellow brick road!

Connor the Clown

The 1st house of many!

Here comes the Candy!! Dinner - No Way!

Goofy face! Sitting with McKenna.

Sugar High!!!

Sweet Baby Kale

Mommy & Dorothy

After the Poches we went over to Nana & Papa's to show off our Dorothy. While there we went trick-or-treating at Tim's 5th grade teacher's house. It was really neat to meet her and she was super emotional about seeing Tim. We even met her whole family who were in from Iowa :) Then we hit up a couple more homes and went back to Nana & Papa's to play and eat some dinner.
What a great Halloween...I imagine it will only continue to get better!!

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