Friday, November 6, 2009

Videos - REDO

Redo...for some reason when I uploaded the videos this morning, they came across as the full version instead of my edited version. Here's the edited version!

Well, I've finally gotten around to going through some of our recent videos of Ms. Avery and I've attached the following 3 videos for your viewing pleasure :)

This 1st video is of Avery reciting the little prayer that they say at school before snack and lunch. It goes like this:

God Made the Sun, God Made the Trees, God Made the Mountains and God Made Me

Thank You for the Sun, Thank You for the Trees, Thank You for the Mountains and Thank You for Me & My Friends


This 2nd Video is Avery singing to her new favorite song at the moment - Ziggy Says or as Avery calls it (Sea Sacks) by Ziggy Marley. He put out this great children's CD, I highly recommend it if you are tired of all those annoying kids CD's that you listen to :) As you watch the video, listen to the words of the song becuz that is what Avery is performing.

This 3rd Video is Avery spinning with Tim...check out her face at the end :)

Have a great weekend!!!

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Cortney said...

oh my gosh- that face after spinning with tim is priceless! love her!