Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celina Pumpkin Farm

Last week we finally made it out to the Celina Pumpkin Farm. Avery's been talking about going to the pumpkin farm because she keeps thinking that the pumpkin lights in her playroom came from the "pumpkin farm" and she has been begging us to go. We've been trying to go for the past few weeks, but every Thursday it has been raining...we finally got a reprieve last week. I've never been to the pumpkin farm and so my expectations were low, but I was really impressed with their setup. Mind you I could have passed on the animal smells and those longhorns are really big and hungry but it was great to see the girls with all the animals and on the hayride.

Here's Avery feeding one of the goats

Hey, where'd all the food go??

You're crazy want me to feed this thing!!

Okay...I'll try - that thing could have eaten her little hand off but thank goodness he just wanted the food instead :)

Shea and Avery feeding more goats

Here's our attempt at a quick least everyone is saying "cheese"

And in this one we're all at least "looking" at the camera

Hay Maze - balance beams for the girls

It's hard to tell in this pic but the longhorn was breathing down Alicia's back and she didn't know it...I think he was trying to steal her wallet ;)

Here she is telling him off!!

No Mommy, you feed him

Picking out her pumpkin to take home. SO HEABY!

Avery's 1st hayride. She really enjoyed it, but barely moved from her seat.


Having Fun!!

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