Friday, November 13, 2009

The B.O.B has been Resurrected

Last weekend Avery and Tim were out in the garage playing with our old strollers. Mainly Tim was trying to pump up the tires on the stroller we (and I do stress WE here and not just me because this was to be Tim's jogging stroller with Avery) just had to have when Avery was born. Avery's Cadillac I like to call it, the B.O.B. ! Poor thing hadn't seen a touch of sunlight in over a year. It just sat in the garage under all her summer stuff, backpacks, next to the diaper pail daring us to use it again sometime:

Well, today was that day!! This is our 2nd week of Avery being in school on Monday and Wednesday and having Friday's off and I have to tell you - I am just LOVING it!!! I don't know why I didn't listen to her teachers in the beginning and do it this way, but we're doing it now and we are not going back. So, after a lazy early morning of breakfast and cartoons I went outside and grabbed the B.O.B. for our 1st full stroller walk of the season. Now, seeing as Avery isn't a stroller girl anymore I was a little nervous for how the walk would go but I have to say she did awesome the whole time even though bad Mommy that I am told her we could not play on the 2 parks we passed along the way :)

Here she is with puzzle in hand and though she didn't know it at 1st, her Ziggy songs on the ipod tucked away until necessary...10 minutes in :)

After I saw the picture of her from today I found these 2 pics of her from when she was 6 months and 9 months. I can't believe that she was that small and such a stinkin' cutie I have to add!!

At the very end of our walk is the "jungle" as Avery likes to call it. There were leaves covering the whole sidewalk so of course she had to get out and crunch all the leaves.

And, then she found this leaf (only 1 mind you) that she said "This is for My Daddy at home". Now it's sitting on our refridgerator where she put it up with all her magnets.

I just LOVE her and our new Friday freedom :)
Have a great weekend!

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