Thursday, October 29, 2009

October Fun!!

We have had such a busy October I finally just got our pictures downloaded so here we go!!

Playing with her teacups in our bathroom

Finishing painting the shirts we got with Shea. We tried to do it at Shea's house but Avery was having too much fun playing with her toys!

Our Superstar - this girl loves her music!!

Waiting for her pumpkin cookies to bake - are they done yet??

Avery loves ice cream (what kid doesn't) so I bought some mini ice cream cones and she was so excited. It must have taken her 30 minutes to eat this thing as she slowly licked all the ice cream. She didn't want to eat the cone (too yucky!) so Tim got to eat it!!

All over her face...and, in her hair!

Sissy & Avery sporting the dresses that Nana made them for Halloween

Avery wearing her dress to school for their Halloween party

Driving with Daddy - watch out on the roads!

Tim & I went with Uncle Kevin and Kristen and a bunch of our friends to the Widespread Panic/Allman Brothers concert. We had a great time and even took the DART down there which was great and so convenient. Had a little problem with it on the way back, but we'll get it down better next time.

Some guy was walking down our aisle and had this hat on so we just had to borrow it and take a quick pic!

Happy 1-Year old b-day Kale!! We went to his party and they had a clown come to do face painting and give out balloons. I was so impressed that Avery sat still the whole time the clown painted this butterfly on her face. So cute!!

Such a big boy!!

Happy Birthday Darmi/Mom!! We had a yummy dinner at Patrizio's to celebrate Darmi's Big Day!

Our 1st time to go to Peter Piper's. Avery & Shea had such a blast - they must have ridden this ride 20 times. And, I was so excited that Avery ate the pizza there. We have had some major breakthroughs in our eating habits this month adding 2 big things to Avery's repetoire - Chicken Nuggets and Pizza, Hallelujah!!

Riding the Merry-Go-Round at Stonebriar

At Pottery Barn Kids listening to music at their Halloween story time. Avery was dancing and jumping all around.

Pretending to nap along with the song

Look how intently they are listening - it was cracking us up!

One Mommy shot for the month :)

We'll see you back for Halloween!!

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