Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day of Preschool...Forever!!!

I can't believe Avery is done with Preschool.  How is that possible??  It seems like yesterday that I was looking for the right school for her and that I took her for her 1st class and left with her crying, now she just walks in at drop-off so confident and happy to be there.  Smiling, quick "I Love You" back to me and she's in.  I feel so happy that she has thrived so well at school and she is so excited to be going to "Big" school next year but it's gone so quick it sure does make the tears come and the big smiles too!!

Here are the teacher gifts we made this year for her teachers and the staff. Thanks Kitty for the idea!

Last day pic before school

Ella wanted to join in too!

Smiles all the way to school

Pic with Ms.Kathy the Director and the most amazing woman to run a school I've ever met!  This school is nothing without her running the show!

Ms.Nancy, Ms. Kathy's right-hand and just as Amazing!  I'm so excited to be able to see these women for another 4 years while Ella is there.

Her class "Graduation"

Her sweet "boyfriend" Brody.  We sure will miss him.  They've been in the same class for the past 3 years

Avery with her graduation certificate and teachers, Ms. Kelly & Ms. Lucy

David, Avery & Brody

some of the other kiddos in class

school got out a little early so we made a quick trip to avery's favorite after-school ice cream store, baskin robbins.  nothing like vanilla with sprinkles

cissy was over with nana and she was able to stay with us for the afternoon.  the girls played Awesome, like they'd never played together before.  we had an easter egg hunt in the house since we weren't able to get together for easter this year and i had about a 1,000 filled easter eggs it seemed.  they had a blast!

their baskets were full!

on the way to drop cissy off i got this pic of them thru my rear-view mirror...this pic describes avery & cissy like no other

and my backseat was full!!

what a Great last day of Preschool for Aves!

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