Monday, June 4, 2012

Camping at Cooper Lake

So, our friend Nathan was out with Tim and their fantasy football crew and they started talking about taking the family's camping especially the older kiddos.  These boys love to camp and have been waiting to take their kids camping and have them develop a love of the outdoors like they have.  Nate went home did a bunch of research and reserved some campsites and a cabin for Memorial Day weekend.  

Funny thing, I'm not much of a camper...AT ALL, so yea that they got a cabin but I was still on the fence if Ella and I would stay bcuz seriously how nice can a cabin be for $100 a night??  Well, turns out, pretty nice, actually much nicer than I thought it would be.  Nice enough that if I hadn't packed my bags to stay then I would have been mad ;)  We had a fabulous weekend with everyone and the kids did great and we all had so much fun!!  Thanks boys for a great weekend!

Avery and Ella taking her new sleeping bag that Tim bought her for a test run in the living room

 Daddy is home and this girl is ready to GO!

Avery in charge of the camera on the way up there

Yum, her 1st s'more of the trip.  Many more to come after this one

Ella and I met everyone down at the lake when we got there for some swimming, playing in the sand and cooking out

 these girlies got along so great!!  enjoying their hot dogs and fruit

getting her feet wet and not much else for awhile.  thankfully, i grabbed avery's old water shoes as i was walking out the door.  if not, this would have been a terrible trip for ella.  who cares if they were a bit big...they worked!

 lots of digging and small sandcastles 

keaton having a blast floating around in the water

i LOVE the pure chaos of this scene with the Daddy's and all the kids

always much braver with daddy!!

brushfire across the lake.  thankfully, they were able to put it out

goofing off around the campfire

just chillin'!

nate brought his boat so we all took a sunset boat ride while tim stayed back at the cabin and cooked us dinner.  you are Awesome babe!

surprisingly, ella didn't fuss at all when she had to put her life jacket on.  she just kept saying 'boat'

all the kids got to "drive" the boat.  here's avery's turn

i love these 2 photos

ready to roast some marshmallows and have some more s'mores.  they were delicious!

such the campers!

having fun with the hubs

look at these cuties all ready to go to sleep in their tent.  they were up for quite awhile and it was so cute hearing them chat with each other.

at the beach the next day with knox and keaton

check out avery's face...seems about right for going to bed at almost midnight both nights.  she is pooped!

checking out the crazy kids that were there both days

just enjoying herself in the water.  it didn't take her too long to acclimate

what is it about daddy's that makes the kid more adventurous and comfortable?  i'm definitely not that type of hovering, don't do that kind of mom.  i'm pretty chill and okay with them going outside their comfort zone, but dad's just take them to another level.  i think it's great!!

i could just eat her up with a spoon...lots of spoons!!

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