Thursday, May 17, 2012

Avery's 5th Birthday Morning

Happy 5th Birthday Avery Jordan!  I am so amazed by the little, I mean BIG girl you have become.  I can't believe you have blessed our lives for 5 years already!  You have the biggest heart, are so kind to everyone you meet, have an infectious laugh that puts a smile on my face.  

You Love to go do anything, color, arts and crafts, listen to music, dance to music with Ella and Daddy and I or just go hang out in your playroom and play with your babies, Barbies or any toys that are in there.  

You can't wait to go to Nana's on Tuesday's and your suitcase is normally packed by late Saturday morning to go spend the night at Darmi and Poppy's!  

You are in Love with your Daddy and almost every night after your shower/bath you put your jammies on and watch a show with him while I put Ella to bed.  You guys also hang out together most Saturday afternoons while Ella takes her nap and I go run's so great to see you 2 together!!  

You have started to branch out on what you like to eat. Your favorites are still macaroni and cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets and all fruits but we have added carrots and ranch, ravioli, edamame, these fish sticks that I tell you are chicken :) but you love them!  The fav places you like to go to to grab food real quick is Sonic, Chick-fil-A, Steak and Shake and Grimaldi's whenever we get over there.  

You love to go up to Watters Creek and you ask several times a week if we can go up there to eat ice cream and listen to the music. You will pretty much ask any day of the week if you can if we can go get ice cream somewhere :)

You have become so sweet with Ella and you 2 play for the most part pretty well together.  I think you secretly like it to because you get to be the boss :)  

I Love spending Ella's nap time with you and playing cards, coloring, watching movies, whatever.  

Listening to you talk and the things that come out of your mouth amazes me!  You are so big but remember you will also be my little girl!  I Love you!!

Here you are the morning of your birthday.  Dressed in the shirt Nana made for you and in your birthday hat from school.

Just waking up to her presents at the bottom of the stairs. I just Love right when the kiddos wake up and their sweetness!

Opening up her presents while Daddy gets ready

New card games!

Lots of band-aids!!

Sassy poses!  She's so excited and been waiting for this day forever!!

With her buddy before he leaves for work

Laying out all her gifts before Ella gets up.  She has a lot to do!

Being sung "Happy Birthday" by the grandparents and telling them all about her gifts and then asking when she was going to see them and did they have gifts to give her too :)

Bonus...the lawnmowers came today!!

More to come soon!

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