Thursday, May 17, 2012

Avery's 5th Birthday...the Rest of the Day

After our exciting morning at home we went to the Mall with Darmi to do some of Avery's favorite things...ride the merry-go-round for starters.  Surprisingly, Ella wanted to go on this time and loved it too!  She just had to have Avery there with her to join in.

After several times on the Merry-Go-Round, Darmi took Avery to her favorite store - The Disney Store to buy her her birthday presents.  It was seriously like being in a candy store for her...if anyone would like to take me to my favorite stores when it's my birthday and buy me gifts I would love that!  Here she is with her Big bag of toys :)

Then, we had to have lunch of course, and where else but Chick-fil-A!  We sat near the ice skating rink so the girls could watch the skaters.  And, since they were going to eventually get antsy, it was a great distraction to watch.

On our way home we stopped to get flowers for Cissy's recital that evening and the girls were given some flowers of their own by the florist.  They were so excited!

All the grandparents came over for Avery's requested pizza birthday dinner to celebrate.

Here's her princess cake she had been asking for.  I had made banana bread the day before and for some reason she kept thinking that that would be her birthday cake since the "big princess cake" we ordered was for her birthday party. She even told everyone that we were having banana bread for dessert!

Super surprised and excited to see this Sleeping Beauty!

Ella was pretty excited too!

After dinner, we headed out to Cissy's recital with Nana and Papa.  With, Avery sporting her new hat that Tim got her.  Perfect Texas Rangers hat for a girl that smells like berries!

She so badly wanted to get up there and dance so she did after it was all over with the other girls

On the way home she was thirsty so Papa stopped at DQ and got her a super yummy shake!  

This girl had an AWESOME birthday and I enjoyed spending the whole day celebrating her!  Happy Birthday my Big 5-year old!

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