Sunday, May 20, 2012

Past Couple Weeks

Look at what it means to have a Big Sister!  For both the little sister and the Mom!! Such a Great helper!

I seriously could eat her up with a spoon!

Tim and I ran the 5mile White Rock and Roll together...well, I met him at the end but we both ran it.  I ran my best time ever because I was trying to catch him :)  I'll just say I never caught him bcuz it was so dang hot and it was only 8:00 in the morning!!
yea, he's mine! 

so glad we could meet up with cort after the race!  nice job girls!

the shirt i got for the race was small enough to fit avery so i gave her mine and she LOVES it!  she's been wearing it as a night gown.  here she is so happy with tim.

after the race!

hanging out waiting for the jurneys to get back from riley's communion so we could celebrate.  some sweet moments with the girls

goofing off...we are so silly :)

maybe we should get her a mower.  she seemed to enjoy it.

kid chaos!  it's AWESOME!

the little bits looking on wishing they could get in the pool with the bigs...let us in

this one spends a lot of time in her the good life

here's what my shopping trip looked like the other day!  how cute are they with their purses!

coloring together in the morning after breakfast

 bike rides at night

tim and i went to a beer tasting seminar with his hops for habitat committe.  we learned about how to taste, smell, describe our beers and tried all different kinds.  tim loves the whole spectrum, but i'm still partial to wine and some of the light-mid beers like blue moon.

avery's last chapel at preschool.  i can't believe she's going to kindergarten next year!

we found a new fountain up at watters creek and the girls went crazy running around it and checking out all the goldfish in it!

my little goofballs running around with tim and i's shirts on their heads

my cowgirl "jessie" going to school

 she loves to play in our laundry basket

making super=silly faces for the camera!

watching avery's b-day ecards from poppy.  they were pretty funny!!

coloring in our laundry basket.  she can't get enough of this thing...whatever!

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