Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Hannukah!

What a fun Hannukah we had this year with the girls. It was kind of crazy because Christmas fell right in the middle of it all, but the girls didn't seem to mind...more presents :)  In totally random order here are our 8 wonderful nights!

Our last night of Hannukah we spent with Darmi and Poppy.  Both the girls got puppy zhu-zhus.  They thought they were so fun!

 Art for Avery one night

Our big night at Darmi & Poppy's with Mollye, Brian and baby Maddie too.  The girls totally raked it in!

celebrating our 1st night with Shea & Alicia

another night of art, the theme this season

 the girls new hannukah bags that nana made after a pattern i found...aren't they so cute!

dinner before presents.  yummy pasta!

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