Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We Now Live in a Gated House!

For months Ella has walked by our stairs and not made the briefest move toward going up them and then, this past week, I would find her standing on the 1st step looking at us smiling.  Then, she would continue up them til she was 1/2way up the 1st flight with no way to get down except tumbling of course.  Thankfully, she never tumbled down, but it was enough to finally breakdown and put the gates back up :(    Now, we will try to get her to learn how to get up and down on the stairs so we can take them back down!

Working on her new "skill" before the gates went up:

She's pretty proud of herself!

She is such a fun baby to be around!!  I will have to do an update on her soon.

And, now the gates are up and Avery is so good with shutting them closed.  She also likes to go on the other side and act like she's a princess in a castle ;)  As long as she shuts them behind her she can pretend play all day long!

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